Grab-N-Go ‘Bikini baristas’ – serving more than just coffee?

Two-Month Undercover Operation Busts “Bikini Baristas” Accused Of


When it comes to busting bikini baristas doing things other than serving coffee, it seems the average undercover operation time is a minimum of two months. There’s a lot of observation to be done, see? Grab ‘n’ Go, the same

‘Bikini baristas’ accused of serving more than just coffee [KOMO News]


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Grab-N-Go Bikini Baristas Accused Of Performing Strip Shows


Some of the employees of the Grab-N-Go espresso stands may be taking the name of their company a bit too literally. Three bikini baristas have been arrested Wednesday in Everett, Wash., for allegedly selling strip shows to

Bikini baristas arrested for exposing themselves to customers – Zap2it


Following a two-month investigation by police, three “bikini baristas” were arrested in Everett, Was. on charges of exposing themselves to customers, in exchange for money.

Bikini baristas arrested after two-month cop investigation | Seattle


Bikini baristas arrested after two-month cop investigation.