Skimpy outfits at Helena coffee kiosk generate business, controversy

Not because the coffee is particularly revolutionary, but because the drive-up kiosk is staffed by women wearing lingerie — except on Tuesdays and Thursdays when they wear pasties.

Skimpy outfits at Helena coffee kiosk generate business, controversyWhy set up a coffee kiosk where women in skimpy outfits sell coffee? It’s simple according to the owners:

“Because we knew it would make a lot of money,” said co-owner Mariah Doom as she stood in full — or maybe minimal — regalia in the kiosk on a recent afternoon.

So far business has been great, with cars often lined up into the street, she said, a boom box blaring dance music in the stuffy kiosk.

“Some people are surprised because they don’t know it’s a lingerie coffee shop,” Doom said. “I’m not sure how because you can see the signs. Some people don’t even want to look at you; they’re like ‘Oh, my God.’”

She says working at the kiosk is “super fun,” but she also said that the door and windows lock, the building is equipped with an alarm system and the baristas keep mace handy.

Some community members have voiced disapproval of the business, suggesting the operation is in poor taste and too close to neighboring Smith Elementary School, which is about a quarter mile away, but Doom says she’s only had one rude customer.