Forest Grove baristas steam parents


By Carla Castano

FOREST GROVE, Ore. (KOIN) — The fight over the nearly-naked bikini baristas in Forest Grove continues to heat up days before the issue will be discussed at the city council meeting.

dream-girl-baristaThe mayor’s office said they’ve been overwhelmed with outraged parents who claim the attire is not appropriate and too close to kids.

Mayor Pete Truax told KOIN 6 News he didn’t know the bikini baristas would be so scantily clad. He said he’s concerned with both parents concerns and with First Amendment rights.

Leah Sizemore, the owner of the coffee shop, said she did not mislead the city by calling the business “DG LLC” on the business application. She also said she was not required to list the business as a bikini coffee kiosk.

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