Bikini barista outrage nets change

By Carla Castano, Kohr Harlan and KOIN 6 News staff

FOREST GROVE, Ore. (KOIN) — Things boiled over at a city council meeting Monday night in Forest Grove — as the fight over nearly-naked, pasties-clad baristas continues.

bikini baristas


The owner of the coffee stand now says that – after all the outrage — her employees will stay away from pasties, at least for now, at her Forest Grove Dream Girl Espresso location.



“We do not sell sex; we serve coffee,” said Owner Leah Sizemore at Monday night’s meeting. “Any rhetoric like this is slanderous to me and my employees.”dream-girl-barista

At Monday night’s council meeting, people opposed to the drive-thru shop called it too much nudity too close to too many homes.

“When I witnessed the girls working at the coffee cart they were wearing less than bikinis, a lot less,” testified Cecile Doyle.

The drive-thru was described as a public nuisance, harmful to existing businesses and a deterrent to new business. But Sizemore has told KOIN 6 News her drive-thru location at 19th and Elm — where so many kids are nearby — was unavoidable. Meanwhile, she said business is doing well.

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