Public debates bikini baristas at Forest Grove City Council meeting


By Kari Bray, The Oregonian

Strong words flew from both sides of an hour-and-a-half debate regarding bikini baristas at the Forest Grove City Council meeting Monday evening.

bikini-baristasPublic nuisance, pornography, unprofessional, unsafe. Harassment, diplomacy, false accusations, slander.

After questions, outbursts, applause and more than 20 testimonies, both in favor of and against Dream Girl Espresso on 19th Avenue in Forest Grove, the city attorney informed more than 100 audience members that there’s essentially nothing the city can do. Based on his experience with Oregon state law, the new bikini barista business is currently not in violation, he said, and revoking the business license or regulating the stand’s location could get the city into legal trouble.

Dream Girl, which also has a stand in Hillsboro, opened in Forest Grove on July 25, immediately kicking up controversy. 

Supporters and opponents turned out at 7 p.m. Monday to share their concerns with city leaders. The most common request from opponents of the stand was to classify and zone it as an adult business, locating it away from Rogers Park and the surrounding residential neighborhood.

“Some of us would like to see this business relegated to where Mountain View is,” Bob Elkind said. “And some of us would like to see it relegated to Mountain View, Alaska.”

Meanwhile, proponents of the coffee kiosk lauded compromises with the community, including a promise from owner Leah Sizemore to require full bikini tops at the Forest Grove stand instead of pasties.

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