When it comes to coffee, Hillsboro is not Forest Grove


Written by Doug Burkhardt

What works for one community doesn’t necessarily mean it’s appropriate for a neighboring community. That is what the owners of Hillsboro-based Dream Girl Espresso (it’s known as “Bikini Coffee” at its Hillsboro location) are learning as they deal with a small hornet’s nest of protest following the July 25 opening of their second coffee kiosk, this one in Forest Grove.

521565_396008737171375_2095077437_nIt may not seem that a coffee shop would create controversy, but Dream Girl Espresso is not your typical purveyor of coffee.

In general, we like to see new businesses opening around the area because it’s a sign of healthy economic growth. But we do not believe Dream Girl — in its current format, at least — is a good fit for the Forest Grove community.

The hook with this particular coffee house is not necessarily the coffee, but the fact that customers are served by women who are close to naked. We’re not talking about women wearing bikinis here, because bikinis would not be that unusual. But some of the servers have been seen wearing pasties and see-through panties — something you’d expect to see in a strip club, perhaps, in a sleazy section of Portland or Seattle, but not at a drive-through coffee shop on the edge of a quiet neighborhood in Forest Grove. And that’s where this business crosses the line.

In Forest Grove, Dream Girl is in a highly visible public location in a Plaid Pantry parking lot along 19th Avenue. The Hillsboro version is off TV Highway, but it’s set back from the road in a parking lot that is not readily accessible and much less visible. As far as we know, there have been no protests surrounding Hillsboro’s Bikini Coffee, given its relatively obscure location, the fact that it’s far from residential areas, and is not right next to a public sidewalk and kids going by on their bicycles do not see the employees.

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