Have some free expression with your coffee?

Written by Jill Rehkopf Smith

Three months ago there was no dispute over the hottest topic in Forest Grove after Dream Girl Espresso set up shop in a strip mall parking lot along Pacific Avenue, on the edge of the Rogers Park neighborhood.

Have some free expression with your coffeeThe issues of sex, nudity and free speech shrank to a simmer after a contentious city council meeting in August. But they never disappeared.

Last month two naked men briefly ran wild — one in Pacific Avenue traffic and one in the woods outside Banks — before being stopped and arrested.

More recently, there’s been a regional uproar over a middle-school football coach who scheduled his team’s party at Hooters.

Two bikini baristas in Everett, Wash., were arrested Oct. 30 for violating the city’s “adult cabaret” law, and a third for lewd conduct.

And back in Forest Grove, questions have been raised about whether the town’s bikini baristas have returned to wearing pasties instead of bikinis (see sidebar).

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