Bikini with your coffee? In Clovis, a move to get these barista beauties to cover up


By Marc Benjamin

The Fresno BeeApril 4, 2014

It isn’t the coffee that’s too hot, but the nearly bare baristas of Bottom’s Up, a Clovis drive-through coffee shop that has trouble brewing with some neighbors who oppose the business.

508-1lTUAs.AuSt.8Residents are walking the neighborhood near Peach and Shaw avenues, seeking signatures to tell Clovis City Council members they want the servers to cover more skin, or the business should be told to leave.

Candice Eslick, who lives a block from the shop, said the attire choices of servers are not right for her neighborhood — or Clovis. She will deliver a petition to the City Council on April 21.

Eslick, 50, a working mother and grandmother, said she has 85 signatures and several blocks remaining to canvass. She hopes her petition convinces the council to put an item on a future agenda to discuss the coffee shop.

Clovis City Attorney David Wolfe said the city probably can’t do anything about the business. He said police and code enforcement officers have visited the store on the southeastern edge of the Pep Boys parking lot on Shaw and Helm avenues.

A few residents have called the city, he said, after KMPH (Channel 26.1) aired a story that obscured the display of too much skin from a bent-over barista last month.

Wolfe said the video revealed “too much. We don’t usually address that in our city code except in adult businesses. All your private parts have to be fully covered or it’s an adult business and you have to go somewhere else.”