Bikini barista sign stirs up controversy in Spokane Valley Spokane/Coeur dAlene

SPOKANE VALLEY, Wash.– Some people were upset over a bikini barista stand’s sign outside of the 2nd Base Espresso Stand. The sign along Sprague and Dollar displayed a half-nude woman with angel wings bearing her backside.

Screenshot 2014-06-02 19.24.36The sign was not up on Tuesday because it violated a size ordinance, not because of any complaints. “It’s not something I’d want my daughter to see if I brought her with me,” said Kandace Holquist, an employee of a nearby restaurant, “I thought it was funny for a minute, but the second after that it was kind of like – kids [will be] driving by and looking at stuff,” said Miguel Hernandez, another restaurant employee in the area. Spokane Valley City Attorney Cary Driskell said the City heard about the sign for the first time on Friday. Driskell said the City would discuss the issue. He also said Building and Code Enforcement was dealing with the physical aspects of the sign while his department would sort out the legalities of displaying body parts on a sign in plain sight.

Watch video here: Bikini barista sign stirs up controversy in Spokane Valley