BLOG: Fresno getting new ‘bikini barista’ coffee stand

Published on 06/17/2014 – 10:25 am

Written by Gabriel Dillard

Not content to let Clovis have all the fun, Fresno appears to be the next home to a coffee stand staffed by scantily-clad female baristas.

Pink Pantherz Espresso, which has a location in Modesto, plans to open a store this week at 3862 W. Shaw, in a former Planet Java drive-thru at the corner of Shaw and Brawley avenues in a part of town that has seen a flourish of retail activity.

pink-pantherzAccording to its Facebook page, Pink Pantherz Espresso plans its grand opening in Fresno this Friday. I’ve reached out to the owner for more information.

A similar coffee stand called Bottom’s Up Espresso opened in Clovis earlier this year, and was the target of controversy from neighbors who complained about the sexually suggestive drink names on the menu. The business eventually agreed to tone down some of the names.

Whether Pink Pantherz Espresso generates such controversy remains to be seen. It isn’t too close to any residential areas, and is smack in the middle of one of the busiest retail corridors in town. While Fresno has its conservative leanings just like Clovis, it’s likely this one won’t raise as much of a fuss.

According to an online poll from a few months back, 453 votes cast on the said there was nothing wrong with the Clovis bikini-barista coffee stand, while 118 votes said it was inappropriate.

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