These West Coast Cafes Are Serving Boobs With Their Lattes

November 24, 2014

If you’re in the mood for your next drink to be served with a side of midriff and cleavage, you’re probably thinking, Could be time to go grab some margaritas at Hooters. Or maybe, I should check what the Friday lunch special is at my local strip club—do they have those 25-cent spicy wings today?

It is somewhat less likely that this combined mixture of thirst and, you know, thirst would strike before 9 AM, while you’re bleary-eyed and trying to acquire some pre-work caffeination at your local café. But, if you’re a resident of Fresno, CA—the former (and possibly current) “US meth capital”—you can stroll into the somewhat innocuously named Java Girls Espresso at 6:30 AM and get your morning cappuccino from a girl in a bikini and assorted interpretations of body jewelry, or—more recently, due to some policy changes—a ripped, shirtless dude in a chain necklace and low-slung jeans. Kind of gives a whole new meaning to the term “breast milk.”

Java Girls and its sister establishments—the nearby drive-thrus Pink Pantherz and Bottom’s Up—is spearheading (I guess that would be the term) the new local wave of “bikini baristas,” a concept that is exactly what it sounds like: assorted young things, mainly women (though they have recently started employing bare-chested men), in states of barely-dress, mixing up drinks like “raspberry cheesecake lattes” for a shameless crowd of ogling non-coffee-purists. Java Girls is sit-down-only, and the girls who work there use stage names. This is no Starbucks.

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