City of Everett demolishes bikini barista kiosks

KING 5 News

by Jake Whittenberg,

EVERETT, Wash. — City leaders say the time has come to demolish a series of abandoned bikini barista kiosks throughout the city.

The five roadside coffee stands are part of the former Java Juggs and Twin Peaks chain that was raided and shut down by Everett police, the Snohomish County Sheriff’s Office and FBI agents in 2013. An undercover investigation found that baristas were engaging in sex shows and prostitution to earn bigger tips.

The owner of the chain, 52-year1409756935000-Twin-Peaks-barista-stand-old Carmela Panico, claims she made ‘millions’ off of her business. She was charged and pleaded guilty to soliciting prostitution and money laundering — both felonies. She also agreed to forfeit her five coffee kiosks.

The city says it’s now gone through the proper process of acquiring the small buildings and is tearing them down, erasing a sore spot in the city and sending a message to other so-called bikini barista owners that criminal activity will not be tolerated.

Former Snohomish County Sheriff’s deputy Darrell O’Neill is awaiting trial for allegedly feeding Panico and her baristas information about the undercover investigation into the prostitution scandal.


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