New approach to bikini barista concerns in Spokane

by: Shawn Chitnis

SPOKANE, Wash. – Espresso stands across Spokane with nearly nude baristas have served up a controversy just as hot as their coffee for some time.

But up until now, the City of Spokane has not set any restrictions on the businesses. City Council Members have tried to limit what they can wear while working but that ordinance failed.

Mike Fagan of the Spokane City Council said the complaints have not gone away.

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nearly nude barista standSo now instead of limiting what the baristas can wear, Fagan and other Council members want to help coffee drinkers that do not like these stands, avoid them. They are planning to vote on a new ordinance that would require signs that alert potential customers that the business has nearly nude baristas.

He said it is easy for some people to pull up not realizing they are about to be served by a nearly nude barista.

“We are asking the businesses to use the city’s sign code,” Fagan said.

Councilman Fagan used an espresso stand along Northwest Boulevard as an example where the new ordinance could help. He said that stand could use more signs that make it clear they have nearly nude baristas.

“They’re expect to see one type of uniform if you will, and they are met with something totally different,” Fagan said.

“It’s a shocking experience.”

Fagan said he has talked to local owners about the need for more signs.

KREM 2 News reached out to the owner of Devil’s Brew and she said it is a fair request that she could handle.

Council members will vote on the ordinance next month.

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