Topless Baristas Have Taken Over Washington State – and Not All Locals Are Happy

BY LYDIA PRICE @lydsprice 

If you go to grab a cup of coffee in Spokane, Washington, you might run into baristas who look a little … different.

In a new video, restaurant guide Zagat explores the rising trend of topless drive-through coffee shops in Washington state, where baristas at cafés like Bare Beans Espresso and Smokin’ Hot Espresso will serve up your caffeine fix sans clothes.


Warning: the video below features partly nude baristas.

“I know I do it to support myself and my family – and that it’s just fun,” says Denaro, a barista at Port Orchard’s Banana Hammock Espresso, the only male-staffed topless coffee stand in the state. “Why wouldn’t you want to just go get coffee from someone who looks good, you know what I’m saying? If I’m going to go get coffee I’d rather go get it from a hot guy or a hot girl.”

But as Zagat’s deep dive proves, the ever-growing popularity of scantily clad baristas has increasingly drawn the animosity of concerned locals.

“The problem wasn’t as much what they saw, it was having to explain to my 8-, 7- and 5-year-old kids why there are women without shirts on serving coffee and why there are men in line to get this coffee,” Spokane resident Kimberly Curry tells Zagat about happening upon a shop manned by bikini baristas. “And I’m all for people doing what they want to do but I don’t want it imposed on my family.”

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