Bikini-Baristas Have Taken Over the Pacific Northwest

IN A MIXED INDUSTRIAL NEIGHBORHOOD IN PORTLAND, OR, in the shadow of a “There IS evidence for GOD” billboard and a medical marijuana dispensary (503-384-WEED), sits a tiny pink shack with blue trim. This Barbie-doll shed of a building is home to Hot Bikini Brew, where owner and head barista, Mandy, can be found most weekdays, serving up espresso drinks in little more than lingerie and a smile.

bikini-baristas“Want your yoosh?” Mandy asks a goateed man in a Ford F150. (Yoosh = usual.)

“You know it,” the man says, dropping a buck and some change into a plastic tip bucket.

The kiosk is snug, thanks to a whirring space heater, and smells of espresso and Mandy’s Love Addict body spray. The floors inside are elevated, and there are two fully functioning drive-thru windows, giving customers a clear view of the 29-year-old’s tanned physique, sparkling belly chain, and pansy-and-ivy tramp stamp. While Mandy tamps the grounds, a steady stream of dudes casts mostly furtive glances at her flawless, practically bare buttocks. Less-coy customers gape openly, clearly appreciative of her way with the steam wand.

“Cold today,” she says to Mr. Yoosh over her shoulder.

“Downright nippley,” he replies.

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