At new Casper coffee kiosk, baristas wear bikinis

Star Tribune

by:  Brendan Meyer


She moved with purpose in blue velvet lingerie, wiping the steam wands and cleaning strewn espresso grounds as a car waited outside her coffee kiosk on a brisk Thursday morning.

Black lace lined her outfit. Her eyelids were brushed with purple shadow. Wavy brown hair flowed past her shoulders, while fuzzy black boots covered her feet. Elisha Brown slid the glass window and greeted Lee Martin with a smile.

His eyes widened.

“You forgot your clothes!” he said with a short laugh.

“Yeah, I left them at the door when I came in,” Brown said. “They just fell right off!”

Martin paused, slightly confused. His daughter told him to visit the new coffee kiosk on Second Street in Casper. That’s all.

Brown leaned in closer to Martin.

“It’s a bikini coffee shop, darling.”

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