by Chad Sokol The Spokane Spokesman-Review May 9, 2017 Alicia Hoover stood at a bus stop in Spokane’s Hillyard neighborhood and squinted at a street sign a block away. “Two things certain in life,” the sign read on Tuesday afternoon....

Star Tribune

by:  Brendan Meyer


She moved with purpose in blue velvet lingerie, wiping the steam wands and cleaning strewn espresso grounds as a car waited outside her coffee kiosk on a brisk Thursday morning.

Black lace lined her outfit. Her eyelids were brushed with purple shadow. Wavy brown hair flowed past her shoulders, while fuzzy black boots covered her feet. Elisha Brown slid the glass window and greeted Lee Martin with a smile.

by Ryan Van Velzer

May 13, 2014

Bikini Beans Espresso is steaming up the place with a roster of attractive scantily clad women serving drive-through coffee.

As least they’re dressed for the weather.

Bikini-clad baristas are the selling point for Bikini Beans Espresso, a new drive-through coffee shop that opens Saturday, May 17, in midtown Phoenix.


Members of a little tourist town in Washington state are up in arms after comments made by some skimpily dressed bikini baristas.  The comments didn’t come out of nowhere but after a local resident insulted the establishment.  The argument has contributed to fist fights, and threats toward the coffee shop.


by: Mariel

Guys, why are we hearing about the wonderment that is Washington state’s bikini barista culture from Jezebel? We have native Washingtonians who live in our office, we’re shameless crushers of Seattle native Top Chef alum Ashley Merriman, and someone needs to check the Google analytics, but we’re pretty sure we have some readership in Washington state. Why has no one tipped us off?