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This is the seventy-seventh installment in The Sounds of Fundamentalism series.

Today’s Sound of Fundamentalism is a clip from a sermon preached by Arizona street preacher Dean Saxton and another unnamed preacher in front of Bikini Beans Espresso.


Original article here: “The Sounds of Fundamentalism: Only Whores Wear Bikinis by Dean Saxton”  

Pink Pantherz Espresso on Crows Landing in Modesto California on June 27, 2016. John Westberg

Star Tribune

by:  Brendan Meyer


She moved with purpose in blue velvet lingerie, wiping the steam wands and cleaning strewn espresso grounds as a car waited outside her coffee kiosk on a brisk Thursday morning.

Black lace lined her outfit. Her eyelids were brushed with purple shadow. Wavy brown hair flowed past her shoulders, while fuzzy black boots covered her feet. Elisha Brown slid the glass window and greeted Lee Martin with a smile.

IN A MIXED INDUSTRIAL NEIGHBORHOOD IN PORTLAND, OR, in the shadow of a “There IS evidence for GOD” billboard and a medical marijuana dispensary (503-384-WEED), sits a tiny pink shack with blue trim. This Barbie-doll shed of a building is home to Hot Bikini Brew, where owner and head barista, Mandy, can be found most weekdays, serving up espresso drinks in little more than lingerie and a smile.

BY LYDIA PRICE @lydsprice 

If you go to grab a cup of coffee in Spokane, Washington, you might run into baristas who look a little … different.

In a new video, restaurant guide Zagat explores the rising trend of topless drive-through coffee shops in Washington state, where baristas at cafés like Bare Beans Espresso and Smokin’ Hot Espresso will serve up your caffeine fix sans clothes.


Warning: the video below features partly nude baristas.


You could call it “the Hooters of coffee,” but even that seems too tame.

Bottoms Up Espresso made an appearance at the International Franchise Expo in New York this week, standing out in a hall filled with franchises from The Halal Guys to Mosquito Joe.  The concept, which labels itself the world’s most recognized bikini coffee shop, only got its franchise disclosure documents approved about a month ago. Now, it’s ready to welcome some new franchisees.

By Diana Hefley
Herald Writer


EVERETT — A bikini espresso stand veteran admitted Wednesday that she helped her boss rake in millions by selling sex at roadside coffee huts.

Samantha Lancaster also has agreed to testify against former Snohomish County sheriff’s sergeant Darrell O’Neill, who is accused of turning a blind eye to the prostitution operation. Prosecutors allege that O’Neill provided information about undercover police stings in exchange for sexual favors with Lancaster and stand owner Carmela Panico.

O’Neill’s trial is scheduled for July.

By Kipp Robertson

Law enforcement spent countless hours working to shut down coffee stands in Snohomish County where employees were engaging in prostitution, and to make a case against an alleged corrupt sheriff’s sergeant.

Samantha Lancaster has agreed to testify against former Snohomish County Sheriff’s sergeant Darrell O’Neill, who is accused of providing information to bikini baristas about police stings in exchange for sexual favors, according to the Daily Herald.

June 4, 2015

Out on the West Coast, in Spokane, Washington topless women are serving up Coffee and breasts as the Nightline report above exposes. This reality drove a late night conversation between myself, a friend, and your garden variety Evangelical (minister?) who “leans Calvinist.” I post it here to demonstrate an apologetic encounter and to demonstrate where much of the contemporary Evangelical Church is today. Names have been changed to protect the identity of Zombies.

Read full conversation here: Topless Baristas & The Modern Gospel vs. Historic Christianity — A Conversation

by: Shawn Chitnis

SPOKANE, Wash. – Espresso stands across Spokane with nearly nude baristas have served up a controversy just as hot as their coffee for some time.

But up until now, the City of Spokane has not set any restrictions on the businesses. City Council Members have tried to limit what they can wear while working but that ordinance failed.

Mike Fagan of the Spokane City Council said the complaints have not gone away.

KHQ Local News

Updated: May 05, 2015 2:00 PM CST

SPOKANE, Wash. – Spokane City Council members Mike Fagan and Mike Allen are introducing a new ordinance dealing with public nudity. The ordinance would tighten up the rules on public nudity by requiring more to be covered or restrict the areas where these type of businesses can operate.