by Chris Henry, Kitsap Sun

PORT ORCHARD, Wash. – Banana Hammock … there, we’ve said it.

Although the name of the newest espresso stand in Port Orchard, Wash., is titillating, the all-male crew of barristuds won’t be sporting skimpy Speedos.

“We’re going to be guys serving coffee in the classiest way we can,” owner Adam Lovejoy said. “The name is a little out there — Banana Hammock — but I don’t want everyone coming here thinking they’re going to see naked guys.”

Published: May 23, 2014

BAKERSFIELD, Calif. (KBAK/KBFX) — Opening soon in Bakersfield, Bottom’s Up Espresso is self-described as a combination of great customer service, great drinks and sexy women.

The business, however, has brewed controversy in other communities. The drive-through coffee stand features bikini-clad baristas.

Co-owner Alexandra Ireland said the location on the corner of Stockdale Highway and Allen Road will be open “probably the first week of June.”


Bottom’s Up, the Clovis drive-through espresso bar whose scantily clad baristas and suggestive drink names got a heated review from unhappy neighbors, has agreed to tone down its saucier drink names.

The business agreed to rename three of its most provocatively named specialty drinks. They’re now called “Tropical Kiss,” “Sweet Cheeks” and “Hawaiian Nights.” The previous names were, well, unprintable (at least in a family newspaper).

by Ryan Van Velzer

May 13, 2014

Bikini Beans Espresso is steaming up the place with a roster of attractive scantily clad women serving drive-through coffee.

As least they’re dressed for the weather.

Bikini-clad baristas are the selling point for Bikini Beans Espresso, a new drive-through coffee shop that opens Saturday, May 17, in midtown Phoenix.
By Erica Nochlin
Published: Apr 21, 2014


PORTLAND, Ore. – Police arrested two women in the last month for robbing a Southeast Portland coffee stand at gunpoint.

Acacia Bowers, 29, and Lacey Preston, 30, are in jail for robbery, unlawful use of a weapon and possession of meth.

The coffee stand owner and her employees are relieved police continued to follow leads since it happened last fall.


Members of a little tourist town in Washington state are up in arms after comments made by some skimpily dressed bikini baristas.  The comments didn’t come out of nowhere but after a local resident insulted the establishment.  The argument has contributed to fist fights, and threats toward the coffee shop.


Published: Thursday, April 3, 2014, 12:01 a.m.

EVERETT — A former Snohomish County sheriff’s sergeant was charged Wednesday with felony promoting prostitution and official misconduct for allegedly tipping off bikini baristas in exchange for sexual favors.


by: Mariel

Guys, why are we hearing about the wonderment that is Washington state’s bikini barista culture from Jezebel? We have native Washingtonians who live in our office, we’re shameless crushers of Seattle native Top Chef alum Ashley Merriman, and someone needs to check the Google analytics, but we’re pretty sure we have some readership in Washington state. Why has no one tipped us off?

by: Lindy West

This past December I was sitting in a Manhattan restaurant with the rest of the Jezebel ladies for our annual staff dinner. I made an offhand comment about an acquaintance who’d once worked as a bikini barista. I might as well have said she’d once worked as a frog. “What’s a ‘bikini barista‘?” said everyone, staring blankly. I was equally dumbfounded. WHAT ISN’T A BIKINI BARISTA, YOU GUYS.