Originally aired: Thursday, January 17, 2013

1. Bikini Baristas in Kitsap County have to surround themselves with fences and signs that alert the public that they are, in fact, baristas wearing bikinis. 2. A tech worker, who makes six figures, contracted his job out to China. Meanwhile, he browsed Reddit and watched cat videos. 3. Beyonce reveals to GQ that she has had a cameraman taping her every move, 16 hours a day, since 2005. She’s sorta crazy.

Genius. Shear Genius. I don’t even drink coffee and if there was one of these en route to my workstation, I’d be volunteering to pick up every one else in the office’s orders. Bikini Baristas, Uh YUMP!!

The best part of waking up


Some things in life are worth driving all the way out to Fremont for. Well actually, just breasts. Enter Your Coffee Cups, a cheery, full-service coffee drive-through manned by five bikini-clad baristas, all run by a lawnchair-lounging,