FREMONT — There are plenty of coffee shops in Fremont, but those with pretty young women working in bikinis are hard to find.

That combination is “a gold mine,” said Robert Martinez, a formerly out-of-work general contractor who, desperate to help pay his sons’ college bills, has opened Your Coffee Cups — the Bay Area’s first bikini barista drive-though coffee business.

Here, south of the equator, a Café con Piernas could make any Hooters girl blush.

Written by Casey Pechan on October 26, 2012.

From my North American perspective, Chile is relatively conservative at times. Things of a sexual or illicit nature are not often talked about openly, they are alluded to through crafty turns of phrase.

Sometimes I’m tasked with coming up with a creative intro for a blog post because otherwise readers won’t be intrigued. Other times, that’s simply not necessary. When a 13-year-old boy allegedly crawls through the window of a bikini coffee stand in Eastern Washington known for its nearly naked baristas offering sexy dances known as “Five Dollar Hollers,”

“CBS News RAW”:
While some cities in Washington State are cracking down on the “bikini baristas,” one new shop has installed 6 video cameras to stream live on their website.